Galt Island - Lake of the Woods

Galt Island will always hold a special place in my heart. From my first visit there via air boat I knew this place was going to challenge, provoke and put myself and my design skills to the test. At Galt Island I nursed a love bird back to health, I had my lunch stolen by a squirrel, not once but three times,  I developed a sensitivity to poison ivy and I finally got my boating license. I experienced downpours that turned a perfectly graded slope into a mudslide… and myself into a walking mudball. Despite all of this, it was amazing. I worked with a great crew and a wonderful designer from Toronto and together we turned Galt Island into a place that can be enjoyed for years to come. Landscape design is about creating experience, it is about finding the heart of the site and revealing the true nature. At Galt Island the goal was to stay wild. The client wanted a landscape that would integrate with the rugged landscape of the Northwest. Galt Island was a dream project, and I look forward to working there for years to come.